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Well guys... that's it, we've done it. The history page and overveiws are all updated and I've plastered this banner everywhere. It's over!

You can continue to thread and complete all the unfinished threads you like, but the main community is no longer accepting new posts. You've had ample time to start one if you needed one!

Anyway, congratulations everyone. It's been a blast being your mod for the last... oh, year and a half!!?? and also being your Neville, Harry, Justin, Dumbledore and Voldemort (not necessarily in that order). But it's time to move on to bigger (but not necessarily better) things.

If anyone is at a loss for new RPGs to join, I suggest browsing thedressingroom for your area of interest, or you can of course contact me and your co-mod Esther to ask about the games that we're in or could direct you to.

Well done again everyone, and thank you.

Your Mod, Andy.

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Well, that's it, folks. I'm knee-deep in clothes, toiletries and other things that have to be packed. In about 24 hours I'll be at the airport. In another 30 I'll be in London. So don't expect to see me here for the next few days.


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1. Where Hannah and Susan suppose have Tea? Susan and Hannah never said where exactly or I would have set up a thread by now.

2. When is Susan suppose to 'try' to help this friend of Theo's?
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Ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille

Yeah, I feel sort of arrogant doing this, but...

If you've ever been curious about what the guy behind Jonathan and Draco looks, moves and sounds like, here's your chance. New Zealand current affairs show Close Up did an item on me which played tonight. It will be online for at least another day, I should think. So be quick, if you're curious.
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London Calling

Folks, I've sort of announced it already but here's the real skinny. I'm going to London. In about ten days. I've been accepted to the London Film School's Master's Degree in Screenwriting. Obviously I'm all excited. But what does this mean for my involvement in The Darker Truth? Well, I don't rightly know. Obviously my usual daily rhythm will change, and it's likely I'll have less time to play. But now that the end of the tale is in sight I'm determined to stick around for that, at least. So don't worry. I might be around a little less often - or I might not - but whatever happens I'll still be playing Draco and Jonathan come curtain call.

You can keep up with my efforts in my recently started blog: http://theherosjourney.wordpress.com/ Comment too. I like having my existence acknowledged.
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Aimee is off to college! Well, band camp anyway. I'm in color guard. In one of the biggest marching bands in the country. Gah....

But anyway. Its a week of solid hell. I'm bringing my laptop, but I won't be on all that much until at least the 2nd. I will, however, check back every night.

And BTW. My 18th birthday is the 30th!! Woot.

But yes. Don't miss me too much.


Hey guys,

Welcome to another TDT OOC post. You thought you could breathe easily, didn't you? Suck it. Sorry it's been so long in coming... my characters in other games seem to have all come into major plot all at the same time 0.o.

So, here's the plan. As has been pointed out, TDT is no longer what it once was - it started off as a OotP-compliant sixth year game, and has been going so long that it's now post-Hogwarts. We all know how much of a tremendous achievement that is, so congrats all ;)

As you might have noticed, play is not as easy or as plentiful as it was when our characters were at Hogwarts. But we're not going to let the game just trail off into oblivion like one that only lasts a few days before fizzling out.

Nope, if we're going out, we're going out with a bang.

So. What do you guys think of moving towards an End Point? This Point would probably constitute the death of Voldemort... either on that event or after a week or so, to collect the characters' reactions. All stories have to end somewhere, after all. Please let me know your opinions on this, and suggestions on ways we could go about it. I was hoping that it wouldn't take longer than a couple months, but you may think differently.
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Okay people consider this a before I get so frustrated I leave post. I REALLY don't want to leave I love this rp but honestly lately it seems centered around three characters in particular. We need an overall plot Andi I talked to you and you know I think this is the reason why Rachael left or why we can't find new players. As much as I laugh at the Draco and Harry anticts something else needs to be happening. I'm sick of seating in a corner because it seems the only way anyone can get plot this days is if they go and drop by Grimmauld place and it's quite obvious that not many of my characters can do that.

Andi I asked you and talked to you about plot and the reply I got is you'll think about it. Honestly just tell me if you want to do it or not I can take care of most of it if you don't feel like doing it and if you don't then tell me and I'll try coming up with something else. This place is becoming less fun because it seems that people have a clique. Today and last night I was so frustrated I considered leaving but I'm trying to work it out before it comes to that because this place is special and you guys are amazing. However just inform me if you rather make this a Harry, Draco, Ginny community so I can leave on a friendly note