January 2nd, 2007

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Hi everyone

Last week I issued warnings to nine characters, and I've only had one reply and no more activity from those players. So if you see any inactive people around on AIM or whatever, if you could remind them that if they don't post within the next week or so I will have to open their characters up for adoption which would suck because we'd be left without half our cast!
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I have returned!
So New Years Eve in Vegas is quite the expreience. I stayed in my cousins house instead of a hotel. But we went to the strip early before they closed it Half of the population of over 21 are very drunk. And drunk people are quite the amusement to watch. [its like a bijillion drunk!millies and drunk!traceys and other drunk!people] Other than that, I saw the blue man group [heckyeah] but my dad had the camera so I couldnt get a picture with them -__- and boy did my feet hurt. But it was pretty fun even though I'm under 21.

And new years day in vegas was surprisingly quiet comparing to the night before.

Oh and I tried deep-fried oreos & those are so good.

Did I miss anything? [:

...And I'm still working on that surprise I was talking about earlier XD
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