February 2nd, 2007

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I'm alive, and this is not a robot. Like srsly. I missed you guys ]:

Anyways, so finally free from schoolwork (mostly) I finally have the time to RP! Yay! And I would like to know recent plot. All I can see is that Jon&Zach dressed up as Harry & Draco and snogged. Other things, let me know.

Far from that as for my characters, Remus and Tonks had a dinner for christmas. Malcolm snogged Millie in winter break and tripping out along w/ his stress for OWLS. (Demelza-mun I'm sorry I've been a horrible replier. We should finish that soon) And Meg is pretty happy now, being with Ernie and such. She's just worried about NEWTS.

But if anyone has any plot, or have any plot ideas feel free to share!
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