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The Darker Truth || RPG

February 19th, 2007

OOC: The Darker Truth


February 19th, 2007

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Don't pester me I'm thinking.
So, I was innocently looking around for a James Potter PB because mrs_weasley_xx and I wanted to switch our characters (I usually play Lily and she plays James and we wanted to make it so I played James and she played Lily... yes, we were that bored). ANYWAYS, WHILE I WAS I WAS LOOKING...

I came across this for Itzel, this, this and this for Elle, and this for Casey.

I also DIED when I saw this. :D

Anywho, yes. Whoever has the day off today, Happy Presidents!

(no subject)

Hi everyone ;)

Just a v. v. quick note to explain why I have gone AWOL. I've been trying to get my net to work at college but am encountering muchos problemas... I have stolen someone's username etc in order to do this.

Hopefully I will have this sorted out by tomorrow but there are no promises. O-week is v. tiring (my feet are CANING) and it won't stop until this weekend at least, and classes start after that... please oh please let me get this sorted before next week...

Anyway, thanks for your understanding everyone, and hope to talk to you properly, soon;


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