March 4th, 2007

tdt def.

IMPORTANT NOTICE. XP (involving many capitals..)


Due to inactivity, Elle and Sam have both been withdrawn from the game. That means no more Michael, Terry and Roger (remove them, yadda yadda). This leaves us with 15 players and 28 characters, some of whom are on hiatus or are considering leaving due to time management issues. Please be aware that I AM WATCHING, and I WILL SEND WARNINGS to inactive characters, and eventually remove them from the game, to free up space for people who WILL BE ACTIVE.

So it's time to STEP IT UP PEOPLE.

Your challenge, THIS WEEK ie. 5th-12th March, is to RP with someone you either haven't ever played with before, or haven't done so in a WHILE. YOU HEARD RIGHT. If you feel like discussing this first with your intended RP-partner, the Contact Info has this information. (Also, if your details are wrong, for goodness sake tell me XP)

YOUR NEXT CHALLENGE, if you choose to accept it, is to TELL YOUR FRIENDS about TDT. We know it's a game that has stood against the odds for almost two years and is able to do so for much longer, but we have so many slots for more characters now it's almost embarrassing!! EXTRA HOUSE POINTS for those who advertise TDT and get us some applications!

Well... not that we do House Points, but if we did, YOU WOULD GET THEM.

I realise some people are struggling with plot issues, but all you need to do is come up with an idea and run with it - preferably one which involves other characters, so you can talk to them about it. If it is quite a BIG idea, then email the mods at and we'll talk over your idea. WE ARE VERY ACCEPTING. There's almost no idea we won't approve, if it will speed up and enliven the game.

And you could always get involved with one or more of the plots HAPPENING ALREADY. Ask me or the characters involved about the Harry/Draco/Voldemort plot, or the Tonks/Remus/Death Eater plot, or even get more involved in plots involving the Houses (because those are always fun). :)

I hope you read all that, or at least got my gist. Basically, THE GAME IS MUCH MORE FUN WHEN PEOPLE PLAY IT.

PS. I'd like to thank those players who have been exceptionally active over the past few weeks/months, despite the quietness we've been having, ie. Rachel, Misha, Esther and Karin. LET'S KEEP IT UP!!!