March 17th, 2007


*Waves* Hi!!

Hi everyone!

My name is Ashton and I shall be playing Parvati Patil!
Most likely, I won't be here for about a week and a half in April (but I might, if I get my laptop *crosses fingers*) but other than that I basically have no life, so I really wanna plot and get in on the game!

AIM me at: burstie72521

I'm usually on, cause as I said, no life.

I can't wait to get playing!

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Padma's birthday is March 22. Which is... next Thursday, on my calendar. That also means it's Parvati's birthday (welcome, Ashton! :D), sooo there'll probably be some talk about it. They're popular. XP Also, this calls for... dun dun DUN... MORE PLOT.
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