April 18th, 2007



Hi everyone,

Thanks for helping me out by filling out the poll and giving me your suggestions. As a result of your ideas, the communities are going through another revamp, so you might notice some changes occuring over the next few days. To give you an idea:

1. The main community's info page has been redone, hopefully making it easier to read and to access information.
2. The rules have been reworked, including a note that TDT is now an unlimited rating community. Smut can now be posted in the main community (link on the info).
3. The character list has been updated and moved (link on the info). Please check your flist to make sure it coincides. If any of this information is incorrect, reply to the post to let me know.

Still to do
4. The contact info will be updated
5. There will be a reassessment of the mod status and more 'events' will be planned for minor characters. Suggestions about this are ALWAYS welcome. I can't believe some of you actually didn't know you could email the mods with suggestions. I put that one there for a joke!
6. The history page will be updated
7. We have a new Hermione on the way
8. Once the community is reworked to my satisfaction, advertising will restart and we can hopefully get some new characters again. Feel free to help with this by pimping on your journal/other rps.

Finally, I'd like to say thanks again for the support you've given me. Some of you probably know that I never intended to be the only mod on this community, and have been finding it difficult to run my first rpg by myself after Abby left on top of starting university and playing four characters. It is a huge job for one person, and if anyone is interested in helping (graphics, history pages, plot, modliness), for God's sake TELL ME! :D
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Application - Character List - Taken PBs - Contacts - Rules

Millicent Bulstrode wants to take over the Wizarding World. She's a dark force that is now sweeping over London with the help of her old mentor, Lucius Malfoy.

Lord Malfoy still makes his demands from his portrait in Malfoy Manor where Millicent now calls home.

Millicent plays a deadly game, trying to resurrect Salazar Slytherin.

The long forgotten Veil in the Department of Mysteries is the key to bringing back all the evil forces she needs to take over the Wizarding World.

Can Harry Potter re-organize the Order and stop Millicent's plot? Or will it be too late?

Will her new forces follow a woman's leadership? Will she succeed in bringing Salazar back and go on to bring back Lucius Malfoy and Lord Voldemort?

More backstory can be found at hpr_ooc and here.

We have several main characters, but we need a few more before we get started.

Characters desperately needed: Lucius Malfoy, Percy Weasley, Severus Snape, as well as other Weasleys and Order Members.

Feel free to email the mods at: hpresurrectionmods@gmail.com if you have questions or would like to apply for a character. Or you can IM me (Esther) or email me at lilydahlia@gmail.com. I hope some of you will join us. I need some more characters before I get started...and I'm still not sure of the actual start date yet. Just hit me up! <3