April 24th, 2007

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Guys, the next couple days are going to be insane.

Tomorrow is this massive piano audition I've been preparing for FOREVER. The next day is a huge piano lesson with going over the things I did right/wrong at the audition. The day after that is four exams and a Phenomenauts concert. Saturday is a class I have to teach. Yeah, that last one, I'm not looking forward to AT ALL because we'll be out of the Phenomenauts concert around 4 am. I have to wake up at 7 am for the class. ...I'm thinking massive coffee. Wish me luck. I'm going to try to get on as much as I can in the next few days, but everything is a bit crazy right now.
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Tears of joy, people. Tears of JOY.

Icon= tears of joy. Because I am playing here. With you lot. Who are amazing. (and the icon is beautiful.)

Basically, this is your new (and hopefully improved!) Hermione Jane. 

I'm Jenna, I'm an HP fangirl, I've played so many characters it's not even comical to list them. But my favorites, I will, because you may recognize me/them/the fangirling.

Hermione // aced_mione// ambiguousdesire
Zach // smithsarcastic// wtf_drarry
Hermione // prompt_book// justtonight_rpg

Others, you may recognize by the PB- my post-war Hermione is always Ginnifer Goodwin, so chances are if you see a Ginnifer!Hermione in TDR, it's me, say hey, all that jazz.

Anyway! Hats off to Esther for her getting me here, because I have been fangirling you lot forever. 'Specially Harry, Draco, Padma, and Zach, who I have been stalking on TDR since before I can remember. 

Hit me up, yes, please. I like plotting and talking and obviously I'm a little long-winded but I did want to get this fangirl moment out of the way.

So. Contact me.

citrusandtears // AIM and YIM
citrus.tears@hotmail.com // MSN
citrus.tears@gmail.com // email
citrus_tears // LJ
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