April 28th, 2007

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Sorry for the inactivity and I know you all are probably getting sick of my apoligies, but yeah, been a crazy and hard month. RL > me.

Anyways, Rach gave me an update on whats going on TDT and all I've got was Harry's dissapearance, Padma's acceptance, Pansy beating up Draco. The dissapeance would greatly impact Remus so I just put a post about how he feels about it, and I assumed they had Order mtgs. I didnt want to put more or else that'd be godmodding D: Though I do want to hear more detail on the whole thing so if Andy or anyone could also reply about it or we can plot about it as well.

As for Malcolm, he snogged Millie *cackles* He probably will ask her out one of these days and Meg's actually focused on NEWTS studying.

But I'm free for plot with any of them [: So feel free to IM me

And Welcome to new charas! From what I saw, a new Hermione so yay ♥
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Wow, things are calming down again. This week was insane. Everybody, if you haven't heard of the Phenomenauts, I highly recommend them if you like ska, new wave and rockabilly music. They write songs about robots, how "Earth is the best", and their space ship, the Phenomenator. I am in LOVE with their keyboardist, Professor Greg.

Now that I've finished fangirling...

WOO ACTIVITY. Who wants to plot?
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