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The Darker Truth || RPG

May 27th, 2007

OOC: The Darker Truth


May 27th, 2007


I don't kiss and tell!
Guess I'll add my name too to the hiatus week. There's been random costume events I've been involved and they've taken most of my time thank God that at least At World's End is over and by the way it's an awesome movie, now I have to get ready for Harry Potter premieres (research for Tom Riddle and decide who the heck I'm going to go as...probably Pansy because she's funnier...or Hermione because...she's easy...) not to mention I just got a job at a place that pays me to take care of ferrets...which means I get paid to play with fuzzballs the whole day and asides from that I got my sucky job at Target so yeah...I'll be inactive for the next couple of weeks.

I do know however that pansy might be needed for a confrotation since I notice they extracted the memory from Ginny so yeah..just let me know.

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Graduation, folks. I'll be out of the running until next month. Don't worry. The Draco/Harry and Draco/Jon/Zach threads will be resolved...sometime.
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