June 2nd, 2007

I don't kiss and tell!

Why I HEART The Darker Truth

Honestly this post was supposed to be more eloquent but it's 2 am in the morning and I'll forget thing if I don't post them

There has been so many after Hogwarts rpg's in which I have tried to portray my characters in a different stage of their life. however for some odd reason none of them work simply because of disorganization and the fact that even though I develop my character in the background story most of the time no one knows where I'm going from. because The Darker Truth has been running for so long with so many wonderful players I have been able to not state but show how my characters came from one point to another thanks to the wonderful players that tag along with me.

Here not only angst is awesome but so is comedy and so is psychologically screwing peoples minds. The Darker Truth I applaud you because lets admit it two years and on our way to the next one...we're still awesome hands down. Kudos to us. kudos to every conflict resolve, kudos for every plot point, kudos for every post that's ended, kudos for unfinished posts, kudos for crack!posts, kudos for posts because of the lack of sleep, kudos for the death's, kudos for the smut kudos for the journal entries, kudos for freaking out about grades, kudos for angry smut, kudos for Aldrick, kudos for Padma,kudos for harry, kudos fr Ginny, kudos for Jonathan, kudos for Zacharias, kudos for Ron, kudos for Hermione, kudos for just every person that makes this rpg what it is, oh yes and kudos for ourr character page which is awesome! (and kudos for Draco's icons and his order symbol next to his name...it cracks me up), kudos for Milli and forr Pansy's homophobia, kudos for changing your look to freak people out, kudos for Bellatrix being sadistic, kudos for Susan trying to get over Neville's dead...really kudos for everybody.

And honestly each time I get mad at the mods do know it's because I hold this rpg dearly and I'm freaked out when things seem to die. I love all of you guys for been able to create such a wonderful roleplaying athmosphere. Not only have our characters developed but so have we becoming better and better storytellers.

Happy Birthday The Darker Truth I really HEART you!
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Pointless Update

Demelza and Wayne both have new icons, Demelza's with an entirely new PB. They also have new userinfos that link to their brand spanking new profiles, which can be reached by A) clicking on their journals or B) clicking on the pictures in their userinfos.

Now that I've done all this, I'm exhausted. But, look! Progress!

Also, to make your life easier, to reach Wayne's new stuff, click on the word new each time it appears in that big paragraph above. To reach Demelza's new stuff, click on the word after the word new each time it appears in that big paragraph above.

Love to all and happy birthdat TDT!
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