June 21st, 2007

warhol vader

Going insaaaane.

So, I started my job at Steak n Shake, and I think I'm going a little insane. You're all thinking, "Oh, easy job! Waitressing!" But nooo. This is high-stress, and if you get one thing wrong, you automatically get shit on by the other workers throughout the day. Since I'm the n00b of serving people, I'm obviously the odd one in the group. I'm getting better at it, but yeah. Anyways, it's my birthday tomorrow, and I have to work from 12-8 pm. After that, I'll probably be sleeping. Happy birthday to me, right? What a way to roll into 17.

Anyways, on Saturday, I'll hopefully be celebrating my birthday because I have off. And then on Sunday, my friends are supposedly taking me out (but they won't tell me where), so I'll be gone pretty much the whole weekend.

Sorry, guys. As soon as I get used to this whole job thing, I'll be active again. <3
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