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The Darker Truth || RPG


OOC: The Darker Truth


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Sorry, folks. I'll be up on the North Island until the 14th, and the chances of me getting internet access where I'll be are minimal. So, Jonathan Harper and Draco Malfoy are going on a short leave of absence.

For plot purposes, Draco will be stalking Malfoy manor, having time only for Pansy and his mother, and will spend most of his free time locked in his dorm when he goes back to Hogwarts. If anyone asks about his disappearance he curtly gives the accepted version - that his mother was his sick and needed him - and will say nothing further. Jonathan will spent his days as he always does, either shagging or arguing with Zacharias. Or both. He is still as determined as ever that nobody should know about them being together.

I'll catch you all on the flipside. Peace!
  • It seems we just switched off w/ hiatus...only different places XD I'll miss ya! But have a safe trip (: &have fun!
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