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The Darker Truth || RPG

Hey Andi I tried catching you online but my life is hectic. I was…

OOC: The Darker Truth

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SEX? LIKE OMG YES! by hobbits_4ever
Hey Andi I tried catching you online but my life is hectic. I was talking to Rachael after she quit and we were both wondering if it could be possible because of the large amounts of back story that Padma and Al have (which would be far too difficult to explain to anyone new.) that something happened to explain Padma's absence. After talking to her we realized it would be greatly out of character for Padma to just leave and not talk to anybody and since there was an attack and it's a war and all of that would it be possible if she was killed? Sorry to be a pain but I don't rreally think I could explain to anyone the relation between her and Al and I think it would be a starting and changing point for my character which is great for development and all of that...

Oh...and Pansy is in a corner thinking something among the lines of "Woah...was that me?" so yeah she'll come out of her shock soon.
  • Hey :)

    Well, while I was away I was thinking of making a post asking if anyone was going to leave, to let me know so that I could figure out a plot for their death, to increase teh drama. But I didn't really get a chance to talk to her about it, as much as I wish I had.

    Hmm. Is it possible she could have died in the explosion and no one realised?
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