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The Darker Truth || RPG

Okay people consider this a before I get so frustrated I leave post.…

OOC: The Darker Truth

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I think by hobbits_4ever
Okay people consider this a before I get so frustrated I leave post. I REALLY don't want to leave I love this rp but honestly lately it seems centered around three characters in particular. We need an overall plot Andi I talked to you and you know I think this is the reason why Rachael left or why we can't find new players. As much as I laugh at the Draco and Harry anticts something else needs to be happening. I'm sick of seating in a corner because it seems the only way anyone can get plot this days is if they go and drop by Grimmauld place and it's quite obvious that not many of my characters can do that.

Andi I asked you and talked to you about plot and the reply I got is you'll think about it. Honestly just tell me if you want to do it or not I can take care of most of it if you don't feel like doing it and if you don't then tell me and I'll try coming up with something else. This place is becoming less fun because it seems that people have a clique. Today and last night I was so frustrated I considered leaving but I'm trying to work it out before it comes to that because this place is special and you guys are amazing. However just inform me if you rather make this a Harry, Draco, Ginny community so I can leave on a friendly note
  • That is a bit insulting, Itzel. Misha, Aimee and I can't help being the most active players. The reason the game might seem 'centered' around three characters is because we're posting more and making our own plot - admittedly it's easier for Harry since he has that whole saving-the-world thing, but there's nothing stopping anyone else from finding their own character development through other means.

    Also, sheesh, give me more than a day to work out how to do anything you suggest, unless you would prefer to do it yourself, which, as I said, you're welcome to.

    Apart from the three of us and you, the other players are pretty much Esther, Karin, Jenna, Ash and Leah. Jenna is on hiatus due to computer problems, which seriously limits Esther's playing possibilities. Leah and Karin are around only occasionally, and when they are they don't seem bothered by lack of 'plot', as you put it. Ash's character has just lost her sister. So from what I can see, you're the only one with this problem, and I don't think the best way to solve it is to criticise the three most active players for taking over the game.

    Thank you for letting me know how you really feel, however.
    • I apologize if it sounded insulting I really didn't mean to and on the concept on whether or not you replied to my suggestion I guess that's my bad since I seem to be loosing track of time.

      Again I said I offered myself to do it but you didn't seem to answer because I told you I would need Voldy who I don't mind playing.

      Maybe they are but they don't voice it because they feel that no one is really putting much effort in involving them in stuff. The plots that you guys have are fun and easy to read but they don't seem to lead anywhere other than well...character friendliness which is getting boring since ok we get it they're getting along shouldn't Harry be preocuppied about finding the Horcruxes and defeating Voldemort or something else too? I mean the possibilities are endless but it doesn't seem that you, the mod, are trying or can be even bothered to do this. I didn't try to crticize you guys I LIKE reading your threads but it doesn't seem to be fair to anybody else because you don't offer us open plot stuff all of this loosing sister plot is more of personal plots which characterrs would have to know each other in order for it to affect them.

      Well thank you for being offended at me letting you know how you feel. great work.
      • Itzel, I really don't want to argue about this with you, but it seems you're determined to get an answer out of me, so here it is.

        1) I resent the implication that I don't 'care' about this game. Actually that hurts me more than anything else you've said. I've had five characters at TDT, two of which I have killed off in order to create plot, and I've been a mod here for over a year. I never planned to be the only mod, but Abby left TDT in my hands, and I could have abandoned it long ago, but I didn't because I knew the game would fall apart without any mods at all. Any attempts to find and train a new mod failed, so I continued by myself, controlling (in a sense) both the dark and light sides (which is less fun for me, let me tell you), keeping the game going for over eight months since Abby left, and THIS is the thanks I get?

        2) Harry is wounded by your implication that he isn't doing anything. He's learning how to kill Voldemort. Hermione (in her silent way) is working on finding the Horcruxes so that Harry can go out and kick the crap out of them. Okay?

        3) So losing Padma is personal plot? For Parvati, Jonathan, Aldrick, Hannah and Justin? Well that's five right there. As for the rest, you're acting like I said NO to your suggestions, which I didn't.

        4) On that note, when you said you needed Voldemort for your plot ideas, I assumed you meant that you would let me know how you would like it done and I would do it. Which I was than willing to do (though less so now), and all this arguing has driven out of my head those ideas that I actually liked and was going to consider.

        5) I know you keep saying that other games you have been in have had more 'open' plot. I'm quite sure I don't know what that means - I'm in at least five games and all of them seem to function quite well without any modly intervention.

        Finally, 6) The game has been slow before and we've got over it. Please don't let your anger be the deciding factor in this game's demise. It would be a shame to lose it after two years.
  • Repost. since i ranted.

    I pretty much posted this same thing above Andy's, but I reread it and decided I ranted. So coherently:

    Since this involves myself, and my character, I feel the need to defend both.
    First off, myself:
    I'm a very active player. As such, I tend to enjoy roleplaying, a lot. It isn't my fault that Andy and Misha happen to be the only characters who reply to most of my posts, or who communicate with me about plot. I've never turned down a post: In fact, I did one with you not too long ago, in which I was left hanging, so after a week and a half, I gave up on it. There have been quite a few times where I've posted open-ended threads, in very open places, and let anyone reply. Thats a good way to start some plot. As well, I would have been more than willing to participate in a thread with you had you asked.

    My character-
    Ginny is in a very precarious position, at the moment. There isn't a lot she can do, in light of recent events, and the personal plot that I created for her (yes, a lot of which I created) involves family issues that are going on at the moment. As Harry's girlfriend and with family active in the Order, there isn't a lot of leway for her. Right now, she's pretty much limited on going out and having random threads. If you want to plan one with me, I would have found a way.

    I'm highly insulted that you started out with this step, rather than speaking to me about it. The mature thing would have been to approach all characters about possibilities, not single out us for doing the very same thing you wish to do. How is it we should feel guilty about being very active? I've never denied you the ability to post, or hindered any of your plot, so why single me out as if I've done something wrong. I haven't insulted you. Instead, you insulted me.
    • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

      Yes i might be guilty of not finishing posts but the only person I ever apologized to was Rachael for not finishing them because usually our posts were heading somewhere and actually had good interaction from the characters, I apologize when the post is going somewhere but when it isn't then...it's pointless to finish it.

      This didn't mean to insult anybody, honestly! I didn't try to insult you guys. I stated that I like to read it but it seems kind of like a clique. I took this step because it would be better to have an open discussion. I LIKE this game I don't WANT to leave I DIDN'T tried to insult YOU or ANYONE I think Andy and Misha are awesome players. It's NOT an insult! I didn't SINGLE you out! I'm just pointing you guys out because I don't think you guys realize how this is affecting the fact that other players are inactive.

      Let me explain it. Let's say that you were in some of the other player's shoes. First off if it were a game that tries to keep EVERYONE happy and try and get them involved people would be excited and would try their BEST to stay active. I know this I ran an roleplaying board with over 100 members and characters the way to keep everybody willing was to throw random general things.

      The reason why I took this step is to have an open discussion, because I think the mods and the other players should at least have an idea of how I feel just in case some days after I decide to quit.
      • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

        First off, that is just plain rude. I am not the only one who controls where a thread between you and I goes, so should you have wanted something to happen, then make it happen. Don't just abandon it because I'm not making it exciting. That is disrespectful to me, who put in the effort to open myself up to other characters.

        You stated that when you replied to Andy, not in your original post. And yes, it was insulting. It isn't better to point fingers without first speaking to the people. That is both disrespectul and immature. A mature conversation would have ended in me trying to figure out how to involve some of your plot, or try to establish some with your characters. Granted, of course, that I was assured that, boring or not, the threads would have a conclusion. And yes, it is singling us out, as a group. By saying the three of us, the group of three is a single unit. So you pointed the finger to the single unit, thus singling us out.

        And I have been in the other player's shoes, and when I was, in other roleplays, I spoke directly to other players and found a way to integrate myself. I took initiative. You may have spoken to Andy, but did you try to speak with either myself or Misha? No, that you did not do, and that would have been the mature step to take.

        Bottom line: you obviously didn't get the response you were looking for, so you took the immature step of pointing out the three characters who do their best to stay active and establish personal plot. If you want someone to roleplay with you, write up a post, and I would have been more than happy to respond. Granted, I'm not sure it would have been finished, because apparently when I thread with you, I don't do enough to make it exciting, since every conversation between friends has to be exciting.

        And in response to what you replied to Andy-- Unless you are playing his character (who is, actually, constantly looking up Horcrux information), it is not your place to say what that character should be doing. In my opinion, anyway
        • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

          *sights* You know you keep repeating the same thing. Sorry if I sounded rude I suppose I worded it wrong. I didn't mean that it had to be exciting what I meant was that most of the time of I post and I then run out of time I choose to reply to threads that actually have something important in them.

          Stop repeating the same things over and over I told you I didn't meant to single you three out because then it could mean that I have something against you guys when really don't if it sounded wrong in my original post I apologize because I was running a bit out of time when I wrote it but I wanted it to be put up so there could be replies before I came back from work.

          Stop repeating the fact that it isn't mature. If anything the only reason to post it here instead than let's see in aim is to see if other players feel that way and to have everybody be able to see the conversations so they can judge for themselves. Since I'm all ready thinking of what you're going to say no I don't kneed people to back me up but since this is a community it's only fair that people know how one player is feeling specially since that player has been here for a long time and may be voicing the reasons for players that have left.

          *sights* I didn't wanted any certain type of response other than to try and work things out STOP REPEATING THE SAME THING! The word you have there in your reply is personal plot. I love personal plot I enjoy it but when it's the ONLY thing going on in a community and the mod seems to be NOT trying or caring it's annoying.

          it is my place to say it not how the character is characterized that's up to her but that he should be doing something because the whole series of books are based after him and he is a main character.
          • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

            First off, the sighs and patronizing tone are very rude, and unappreciated. Second, I'm repeating things because they clearly didn't get across the first time.
            Same goes for other characters. Have a problem with me? Tell me, don't publicize it. Without talking to me first, it was immature, so I am allowed to state my opinion, as this clearly is what the post was meant for.
            If other players feel that way, I would expect them to come forward and speak to me about it, before voicing it to others. Had you spoken to me, there wouldn't even be an issue at this point.
            And the comment about the certain response was taken the wrong way. I meant you didn't get the response you were looking for from Andy about plot, so you took a different, and less mature, route.
            He is doing something, actually, if you read all the posts carefully.

            And just to make something clear--
            If you don't want me to respond in the way I wish to, do not post something like this with my name in it. It was immature, and if I wish to repeat that fact, I have more than the right to.

            I've had no problem with you before this, but frankly, I am offended by the route that you chose to take with this situation. Had it be handled differently, I wouldn't be as upset as I am, and I guarantee that the issue would have been over by now.
            • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

              I apologize it's just getting frustrating because you guys aren't understanding when I'm coming from. I'll try to finish every thread I am in now instead of judging them.

              I didn't post here as an attack to any of you. I like all of you. I like the rpg, did you miss my post on the anniversary? Going on about how I might be a pain sometime but I'm just trying to help? That's it.

              I don't expect everyone or anyone to give me a certain respond. I don't mind that just if they at least attempt to understand where I'm coming from which clearly you're not. Personal plots are great and glad but it would be good if it expanded to something else. By posting here I just want everyone to see so they have a clear understanding and is easier to talk her than on aim or anywhere else since we're not all in the same timezone plus it's fairer on everybody just in case the drama escalates too high and they can see exactly what happened.

              You keep repeating the same thing in order to try and make yourself look mightier. I get your point you don't seem to be getting mine.
              • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

                I understand where you are coming from. You aren't happy because you aren't involved. That involvement is up to you. Talk to us, not at us, like the post did. IM me, I'm always online, for plot ideas. Post plot ideas. Converse. Don't just complain that we aren't catering. The rest of us managed to cook up some good ideas.
                And saying 'hey, I have an idea' in the ooc community, about a huge plot thing, is a great idea. This, however, was not. Granted, I'd consider blowing up Hogwarts huge plot. Plot that, whether you see it or not, is an expanded form of personal plot. I'd consider, also, that since Padma was in there, it gives Al one hell of a reason to rp.

                Yes, I am repeating things, things that need to be repeated. You shared your feelings, now its my turn. You opened yourself up to these responses. None of us appreciate what you said, and I for one would like to be allowed to defend myself in a mature, respectable way. No, I'm not trying to make myself look mightier. I'm speaking in a mature, respectful, intelligent manner.
  • Hon, I know how you feel about inactivity, but really you should have talked to some of us first. It would have gone a lot smoother.

    The characters that I have: Ron, Lisa, and Hannah would have been more than happy to interact with your characters, had you asked me. I know I have had a thread with you in the past with Aldrick that you just left hanging. Threads may get boring, but if you keep them moving, they eventually work themselves out. Trust me. I've been in rpg for 4 years.

    I hope you can work things out and stay. We really need active players.

  • I've been tempted not to reply here at all, because I don't want to get dragged into something that seems to have gotten rather ugly rather quickly. But on the other hand, I do have an opinion on the matter, and seeing as I'm one of the 'active three' I reckon it should be voiced.

    Itzel, I understand your annoyance. With Rachael's and DJ's disappearance Jonathan has fallen into an interaction abyss and if I didn't have Draco I would be less active in this game than you. But I do have Draco, and he's doing something interesting, something that entertains me and the people I'm playing with. It may 'only' be personal plot (at the moment) but it's fun and, in its way, exciting, and that's really all that one can hope for when it comes to roleplaying online.

    And why is it working? Because we made it work, dang it. We got together on AIM, through e-mail, we jumped in when threads were offered and we improvised the hell out of situations we found ourselves in. And it worked. What's more, it could (have) work(ed) for you too. But I, for one, never heard a peep.

    And frankly, of the people still around now, you're the one I'm most wary of starting a thread with because of your unfortunate and I'm sure not at all intended reputation of not finishing them. You're playing both Pansy and Snape to my Draco. We should be interacting a lot more than we are, and I don't think it's my fault.

    I don't want to sound too harsh. We've had good times too. I still recall the day at the beach in France, the Jonathan/Aldrick arguments on the journals, and the tragic scenes between Draco and Pansy around his taking the Mark and later his betrayal well. But if we are to see such scenes again, I think the one who has to start showing more initiative is you.
    • You know I don't mind you telling me this really. I understand where you are coming from. You know I will try to finish every thread I start now because I didn't realize it was affecting people so much. My problem isn't personal plot or interactions between characters is just that I would like for something else other than personal plots to be happening.

      I love personal plots but my post was mainly geared towards having something more happening in the world. However I will take your words and try to finish every thread I start. I have the tendecy to ignore threads once life dumps things on me or I think it has...I will try to work on that.
  • I've been trying to make threads. Sometimes people get busy.

    But I'm sorry you feel this way.
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