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The Darker Truth || RPG

Okay people consider this a before I get so frustrated I leave post.…

OOC: The Darker Truth

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I think by hobbits_4ever
Okay people consider this a before I get so frustrated I leave post. I REALLY don't want to leave I love this rp but honestly lately it seems centered around three characters in particular. We need an overall plot Andi I talked to you and you know I think this is the reason why Rachael left or why we can't find new players. As much as I laugh at the Draco and Harry anticts something else needs to be happening. I'm sick of seating in a corner because it seems the only way anyone can get plot this days is if they go and drop by Grimmauld place and it's quite obvious that not many of my characters can do that.

Andi I asked you and talked to you about plot and the reply I got is you'll think about it. Honestly just tell me if you want to do it or not I can take care of most of it if you don't feel like doing it and if you don't then tell me and I'll try coming up with something else. This place is becoming less fun because it seems that people have a clique. Today and last night I was so frustrated I considered leaving but I'm trying to work it out before it comes to that because this place is special and you guys are amazing. However just inform me if you rather make this a Harry, Draco, Ginny community so I can leave on a friendly note
  • I apologize if it sounded insulting I really didn't mean to and on the concept on whether or not you replied to my suggestion I guess that's my bad since I seem to be loosing track of time.

    Again I said I offered myself to do it but you didn't seem to answer because I told you I would need Voldy who I don't mind playing.

    Maybe they are but they don't voice it because they feel that no one is really putting much effort in involving them in stuff. The plots that you guys have are fun and easy to read but they don't seem to lead anywhere other than well...character friendliness which is getting boring since ok we get it they're getting along shouldn't Harry be preocuppied about finding the Horcruxes and defeating Voldemort or something else too? I mean the possibilities are endless but it doesn't seem that you, the mod, are trying or can be even bothered to do this. I didn't try to crticize you guys I LIKE reading your threads but it doesn't seem to be fair to anybody else because you don't offer us open plot stuff all of this loosing sister plot is more of personal plots which characterrs would have to know each other in order for it to affect them.

    Well thank you for being offended at me letting you know how you feel. great work.
    • Itzel, I really don't want to argue about this with you, but it seems you're determined to get an answer out of me, so here it is.

      1) I resent the implication that I don't 'care' about this game. Actually that hurts me more than anything else you've said. I've had five characters at TDT, two of which I have killed off in order to create plot, and I've been a mod here for over a year. I never planned to be the only mod, but Abby left TDT in my hands, and I could have abandoned it long ago, but I didn't because I knew the game would fall apart without any mods at all. Any attempts to find and train a new mod failed, so I continued by myself, controlling (in a sense) both the dark and light sides (which is less fun for me, let me tell you), keeping the game going for over eight months since Abby left, and THIS is the thanks I get?

      2) Harry is wounded by your implication that he isn't doing anything. He's learning how to kill Voldemort. Hermione (in her silent way) is working on finding the Horcruxes so that Harry can go out and kick the crap out of them. Okay?

      3) So losing Padma is personal plot? For Parvati, Jonathan, Aldrick, Hannah and Justin? Well that's five right there. As for the rest, you're acting like I said NO to your suggestions, which I didn't.

      4) On that note, when you said you needed Voldemort for your plot ideas, I assumed you meant that you would let me know how you would like it done and I would do it. Which I was than willing to do (though less so now), and all this arguing has driven out of my head those ideas that I actually liked and was going to consider.

      5) I know you keep saying that other games you have been in have had more 'open' plot. I'm quite sure I don't know what that means - I'm in at least five games and all of them seem to function quite well without any modly intervention.

      Finally, 6) The game has been slow before and we've got over it. Please don't let your anger be the deciding factor in this game's demise. It would be a shame to lose it after two years.
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