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The Darker Truth || RPG

Okay people consider this a before I get so frustrated I leave post.…

OOC: The Darker Truth

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I think by hobbits_4ever
Okay people consider this a before I get so frustrated I leave post. I REALLY don't want to leave I love this rp but honestly lately it seems centered around three characters in particular. We need an overall plot Andi I talked to you and you know I think this is the reason why Rachael left or why we can't find new players. As much as I laugh at the Draco and Harry anticts something else needs to be happening. I'm sick of seating in a corner because it seems the only way anyone can get plot this days is if they go and drop by Grimmauld place and it's quite obvious that not many of my characters can do that.

Andi I asked you and talked to you about plot and the reply I got is you'll think about it. Honestly just tell me if you want to do it or not I can take care of most of it if you don't feel like doing it and if you don't then tell me and I'll try coming up with something else. This place is becoming less fun because it seems that people have a clique. Today and last night I was so frustrated I considered leaving but I'm trying to work it out before it comes to that because this place is special and you guys are amazing. However just inform me if you rather make this a Harry, Draco, Ginny community so I can leave on a friendly note
  • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

    First off, that is just plain rude. I am not the only one who controls where a thread between you and I goes, so should you have wanted something to happen, then make it happen. Don't just abandon it because I'm not making it exciting. That is disrespectful to me, who put in the effort to open myself up to other characters.

    You stated that when you replied to Andy, not in your original post. And yes, it was insulting. It isn't better to point fingers without first speaking to the people. That is both disrespectul and immature. A mature conversation would have ended in me trying to figure out how to involve some of your plot, or try to establish some with your characters. Granted, of course, that I was assured that, boring or not, the threads would have a conclusion. And yes, it is singling us out, as a group. By saying the three of us, the group of three is a single unit. So you pointed the finger to the single unit, thus singling us out.

    And I have been in the other player's shoes, and when I was, in other roleplays, I spoke directly to other players and found a way to integrate myself. I took initiative. You may have spoken to Andy, but did you try to speak with either myself or Misha? No, that you did not do, and that would have been the mature step to take.

    Bottom line: you obviously didn't get the response you were looking for, so you took the immature step of pointing out the three characters who do their best to stay active and establish personal plot. If you want someone to roleplay with you, write up a post, and I would have been more than happy to respond. Granted, I'm not sure it would have been finished, because apparently when I thread with you, I don't do enough to make it exciting, since every conversation between friends has to be exciting.

    And in response to what you replied to Andy-- Unless you are playing his character (who is, actually, constantly looking up Horcrux information), it is not your place to say what that character should be doing. In my opinion, anyway
    • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

      *sights* You know you keep repeating the same thing. Sorry if I sounded rude I suppose I worded it wrong. I didn't mean that it had to be exciting what I meant was that most of the time of I post and I then run out of time I choose to reply to threads that actually have something important in them.

      Stop repeating the same things over and over I told you I didn't meant to single you three out because then it could mean that I have something against you guys when really don't if it sounded wrong in my original post I apologize because I was running a bit out of time when I wrote it but I wanted it to be put up so there could be replies before I came back from work.

      Stop repeating the fact that it isn't mature. If anything the only reason to post it here instead than let's see in aim is to see if other players feel that way and to have everybody be able to see the conversations so they can judge for themselves. Since I'm all ready thinking of what you're going to say no I don't kneed people to back me up but since this is a community it's only fair that people know how one player is feeling specially since that player has been here for a long time and may be voicing the reasons for players that have left.

      *sights* I didn't wanted any certain type of response other than to try and work things out STOP REPEATING THE SAME THING! The word you have there in your reply is personal plot. I love personal plot I enjoy it but when it's the ONLY thing going on in a community and the mod seems to be NOT trying or caring it's annoying.

      it is my place to say it not how the character is characterized that's up to her but that he should be doing something because the whole series of books are based after him and he is a main character.
      • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

        First off, the sighs and patronizing tone are very rude, and unappreciated. Second, I'm repeating things because they clearly didn't get across the first time.
        Same goes for other characters. Have a problem with me? Tell me, don't publicize it. Without talking to me first, it was immature, so I am allowed to state my opinion, as this clearly is what the post was meant for.
        If other players feel that way, I would expect them to come forward and speak to me about it, before voicing it to others. Had you spoken to me, there wouldn't even be an issue at this point.
        And the comment about the certain response was taken the wrong way. I meant you didn't get the response you were looking for from Andy about plot, so you took a different, and less mature, route.
        He is doing something, actually, if you read all the posts carefully.

        And just to make something clear--
        If you don't want me to respond in the way I wish to, do not post something like this with my name in it. It was immature, and if I wish to repeat that fact, I have more than the right to.

        I've had no problem with you before this, but frankly, I am offended by the route that you chose to take with this situation. Had it be handled differently, I wouldn't be as upset as I am, and I guarantee that the issue would have been over by now.
        • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

          I apologize it's just getting frustrating because you guys aren't understanding when I'm coming from. I'll try to finish every thread I am in now instead of judging them.

          I didn't post here as an attack to any of you. I like all of you. I like the rpg, did you miss my post on the anniversary? Going on about how I might be a pain sometime but I'm just trying to help? That's it.

          I don't expect everyone or anyone to give me a certain respond. I don't mind that just if they at least attempt to understand where I'm coming from which clearly you're not. Personal plots are great and glad but it would be good if it expanded to something else. By posting here I just want everyone to see so they have a clear understanding and is easier to talk her than on aim or anywhere else since we're not all in the same timezone plus it's fairer on everybody just in case the drama escalates too high and they can see exactly what happened.

          You keep repeating the same thing in order to try and make yourself look mightier. I get your point you don't seem to be getting mine.
          • Re: Repost. since i ranted.

            I understand where you are coming from. You aren't happy because you aren't involved. That involvement is up to you. Talk to us, not at us, like the post did. IM me, I'm always online, for plot ideas. Post plot ideas. Converse. Don't just complain that we aren't catering. The rest of us managed to cook up some good ideas.
            And saying 'hey, I have an idea' in the ooc community, about a huge plot thing, is a great idea. This, however, was not. Granted, I'd consider blowing up Hogwarts huge plot. Plot that, whether you see it or not, is an expanded form of personal plot. I'd consider, also, that since Padma was in there, it gives Al one hell of a reason to rp.

            Yes, I am repeating things, things that need to be repeated. You shared your feelings, now its my turn. You opened yourself up to these responses. None of us appreciate what you said, and I for one would like to be allowed to defend myself in a mature, respectable way. No, I'm not trying to make myself look mightier. I'm speaking in a mature, respectful, intelligent manner.
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