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The Darker Truth || RPG

Okay people consider this a before I get so frustrated I leave post.…

OOC: The Darker Truth

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I think by hobbits_4ever
Okay people consider this a before I get so frustrated I leave post. I REALLY don't want to leave I love this rp but honestly lately it seems centered around three characters in particular. We need an overall plot Andi I talked to you and you know I think this is the reason why Rachael left or why we can't find new players. As much as I laugh at the Draco and Harry anticts something else needs to be happening. I'm sick of seating in a corner because it seems the only way anyone can get plot this days is if they go and drop by Grimmauld place and it's quite obvious that not many of my characters can do that.

Andi I asked you and talked to you about plot and the reply I got is you'll think about it. Honestly just tell me if you want to do it or not I can take care of most of it if you don't feel like doing it and if you don't then tell me and I'll try coming up with something else. This place is becoming less fun because it seems that people have a clique. Today and last night I was so frustrated I considered leaving but I'm trying to work it out before it comes to that because this place is special and you guys are amazing. However just inform me if you rather make this a Harry, Draco, Ginny community so I can leave on a friendly note
  • I've been tempted not to reply here at all, because I don't want to get dragged into something that seems to have gotten rather ugly rather quickly. But on the other hand, I do have an opinion on the matter, and seeing as I'm one of the 'active three' I reckon it should be voiced.

    Itzel, I understand your annoyance. With Rachael's and DJ's disappearance Jonathan has fallen into an interaction abyss and if I didn't have Draco I would be less active in this game than you. But I do have Draco, and he's doing something interesting, something that entertains me and the people I'm playing with. It may 'only' be personal plot (at the moment) but it's fun and, in its way, exciting, and that's really all that one can hope for when it comes to roleplaying online.

    And why is it working? Because we made it work, dang it. We got together on AIM, through e-mail, we jumped in when threads were offered and we improvised the hell out of situations we found ourselves in. And it worked. What's more, it could (have) work(ed) for you too. But I, for one, never heard a peep.

    And frankly, of the people still around now, you're the one I'm most wary of starting a thread with because of your unfortunate and I'm sure not at all intended reputation of not finishing them. You're playing both Pansy and Snape to my Draco. We should be interacting a lot more than we are, and I don't think it's my fault.

    I don't want to sound too harsh. We've had good times too. I still recall the day at the beach in France, the Jonathan/Aldrick arguments on the journals, and the tragic scenes between Draco and Pansy around his taking the Mark and later his betrayal well. But if we are to see such scenes again, I think the one who has to start showing more initiative is you.
    • You know I don't mind you telling me this really. I understand where you are coming from. You know I will try to finish every thread I start now because I didn't realize it was affecting people so much. My problem isn't personal plot or interactions between characters is just that I would like for something else other than personal plots to be happening.

      I love personal plots but my post was mainly geared towards having something more happening in the world. However I will take your words and try to finish every thread I start. I have the tendecy to ignore threads once life dumps things on me or I think it has...I will try to work on that.
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