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The Darker Truth || RPG


OOC: The Darker Truth


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Hey guys,

Welcome to another TDT OOC post. You thought you could breathe easily, didn't you? Suck it. Sorry it's been so long in coming... my characters in other games seem to have all come into major plot all at the same time 0.o.

So, here's the plan. As has been pointed out, TDT is no longer what it once was - it started off as a OotP-compliant sixth year game, and has been going so long that it's now post-Hogwarts. We all know how much of a tremendous achievement that is, so congrats all ;)

As you might have noticed, play is not as easy or as plentiful as it was when our characters were at Hogwarts. But we're not going to let the game just trail off into oblivion like one that only lasts a few days before fizzling out.

Nope, if we're going out, we're going out with a bang.

So. What do you guys think of moving towards an End Point? This Point would probably constitute the death of Voldemort... either on that event or after a week or so, to collect the characters' reactions. All stories have to end somewhere, after all. Please let me know your opinions on this, and suggestions on ways we could go about it. I was hoping that it wouldn't take longer than a couple months, but you may think differently.
  • I am not quite certain if all characters would be involved in this final stance. For example I'm not sure if Al would... however is there any chance the ending could be influenced by the book or at least in all the half blood madness? I mean I doubt there's enough time for them to take control of the ministry and such...but

    Speaking of that how long of a time frame you want this to coverr I mean we can skip months ahead whatever but I mean in real life around how much time do we have?
    • If I can put in my two cents, I don't think we ought to skip ahead. It would just confuse matters. And I think you're right we don't have the time to do the whole 'Voldie in power' thing. Hogwarts has just been destroyed. We seem to be spiralling towards a confrontation anyway. Now we just need to figure out the details.
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