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The Darker Truth || RPG

Ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille

OOC: The Darker Truth

Ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille

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Wink Wink Nudge Nudge
Yeah, I feel sort of arrogant doing this, but...

If you've ever been curious about what the guy behind Jonathan and Draco looks, moves and sounds like, here's your chance. New Zealand current affairs show Close Up did an item on me which played tonight. It will be online for at least another day, I should think. So be quick, if you're curious.
  • So that's what you do with a B.A in English!

    AWESOME. You're a star! When you're all famous and stuff, can I work with you? ;)
    • Well, that's what I do with a BA in English. I just sat in the quad and thought, "Oh my god, I am totally gonna go far".

      That depends. Will there be cookies and sexual services?
      • *snort* you didn't fuck your TA, did you? *wince*

        Do you actually WANT my sexual services? XP
        • My TA was a woman, so no. Besides, I have a girlfriend who lives in Canada.

          As long as I get to call you Andy or Harry.
  • OHOGJOGJN<JNJNKFMF:LGTPOK:OTJ! Ok I'm calmed now. Actually, I don't know for some reason I imagined you differently. I don't know maybe I'm the only one who actually comes up with an image of what the players looks like in my head xD. I forgot to tell you good luck but I think I mentioned it before. What's funny is I have seen just about the same amount of movies...and I wanna be an actress but I'm terrified of Alien. I don't get why I'm terrified of Alien but I am... Actually I'm also studying to be veterinarian...it doesn't make any sense I know but I know of a local actor in Puerto Rico who also studied for being a lawyer all though I suppose that's kind of related... For some reason when I read your subject line I thought of Miss Piggy.
    • Miss Piggy? Gee, thanks.

      Veterinarian is a worthy job. But I think everyone should have some creative expression in their life, even if it's just making puppets out of dog innards. Or whatever. See Alien, by the way. Compared to more recent films the gore is tame - though that doesn't make it any less scary.
      • Oh no is a compliment! I love Miss Piggy and I had actually been in a parade as her the day before so...yeah my mind was biased.

        Neh being a vet is sort of my backup because I always think when it comes to acting I should have a backup. Of course I have a thousands considerations in my brain so we'll see what will win out.

        My problem with Alien is not the gore really is just I think every person has this one character that they're terrified of mine is Alien. I can't even look at pictures and I had sort of like close my eyes when that part of the interview came up when they showed clips of Alien. Love American Beauty though, it's funny I watched that movie when it came out and I was probably not old enough to watch but...I loved it. One of my favorite lines of all time is the one he gives out: "The car I always wanted and now I have it... I rule."
  • So I'm really upset. You and andy stole all my jokes!!!

    I totally didn't picture you like that!

    And you might shoot me, but I've never seen any of those movies. lol.

    But, super cool!
    • Now I'm curious how you pictured me.

      I won't shoot you, if only to give you the chance to see these films and make your life worthwhile.
      • I guess I pictured you harsher looking, like pointy features or something lol.

        I definitely will.
        • Teehee. I'm a monster in a sweet disguise.
          • lol. it's all good. i'd hate to think of how people picture me.
            • Like Kirsten Dunst, obviously. I have a really hard time separating players from characters.
              • I wish! lol. i have a myspace/facebook. if you look me up on those, you'll find me. granted, you have to tell me if you have either so i can link you!
  • Stopped by to check out how the community was doing, and stumbled across this post.

    I'm proud of my Dracokins. :D You're going to do SO awesome, and I'm really lucky to have known you.

    Also, your movie list? Probably my exact top 10. ♥
    • Oh, mother. You know I'm awesome.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm certainly determined to make it.

      Really? I commend you on your taste. Though my top 10 has probably already changed since I gave it to Corinne. There's just too many good movies!
      • Oh, Dracokins. I know you need your cocoa.

        Pch, you totally will make it. You fucking MADE THE NEWS. :D Who does that? I made a national magazine once for being into synchronized swimming. ...Yeah, that's the coolest thing I've done. XDDD But um. You and film making? Lovers.

        Movie loooove. Except I think it was obvious I love Eternal Sunshine because of xlilyevansx. I actually think I might have made her BEFORE I saw it, though. *shrug* Amadeus? My music geek movie. :D I cry every time he has Salieri write for him. O, Teary-Eyed Rachael! But yeah, totally agreed. My top 10 changes every week, probably. Same with my music top 10.
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